Act, don’t talk !

I like this kind of people. He makes me stronger, more powerful, more inspired. He gives me fishing and makes me think everything is possible when we want it. It’s all about believe in what you do and try, try, try.

Morten Lund speech at BIC 2008 from Seb Oehme on Vimeo.

I love the video with coldplay music at the end 🙂

He was at LeWeb08 last week. But not me. I was working hard on

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  1. je me deébrouille un poil en anglais mais il y a des limites, j’entrave rien à la vidéoooooooooooooooooooooooo ! j’ai compris probably, skype, ebay, company, from, internet, (oui je vais te faire la liste), fastest, growing, about, hard, newspaper, copenhagen, being, and, experience, ideas, with, welcome, i don’t know, online, inviting, thank you very much, etc ….. c’est déjà pas ml mais sans les mots au milieu c’est incompréhensib’ !!!!

  2. Tu as vu le clip avec coldplay à la fin ? Tu as compris tous les mots ? Si oui tu n’as rien besoin d’autre. Ce clip résume assez bien ce que le monsieur aux allures de Brad Pitt a dit pendant 30 minutes.


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